We all have to share a WHAT?!?!

Feast of Sts. Lucy and Agatha, Martyrs

Sr. Mary Hasta likes to pray the 1979 Book of Common Prayer Daily Office the old school way, i.e. in hard copy. However, as the good Sr. is also nothing resembling a morning person, sometimes she has to rely on memory to chant the prayers during her commute.

(By the way, Sr. recommends this as a good way to get a seat on a crowded bus. People often move away from the crazy people muttering under their breath.)

Sometimes, though, the good Sr.’s memory fails her, and she kind of has to wing it. Those are always the fun days, because those are the times where God likes to send down Real Words of Truth.

Sr. Mary Hasta was led in her remembering back to when she was just a sister, as in sibling with braces and pigtails. Sr. Mary Hasta did not have to share a bedroom with Sr. Sister, but they sure had to share a bathroom. And as they got into high school, it became a bone of contention for two very different girls. The verdict came down from On High, also known as Fr. Father and Mtr. Mother: We cannot afford a new house, therefore you will Share and you will Like It.

Sr. Mary Hasta reads a lot of blogs. Some are left wing, some are right wing. Most of the time, they’re complaining about the same thing. And often, the various wings are so busy blaming each other for everything that’s gone wrong in the world (Ohmigawd! It snowed! My tire went flat! The priest wore a purple chausible on the Third Sunday of Advent! Damn conservatives/liberals!)

So, Sr. Mary Hasta has started this work-in-progress blog. She is hoping that it becomes a place where the Left and Right Wings can realise they’re connected by the Body of Christ, and instead of flapping about futilely, get coordinated and get this thing off the ground. Because there may many rooms in my Father’s house— but we’re all on this Earth, and we still gotta share.


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