This FAQ will be updated as more questions are asked more frequently.

Sr. Mary Hasta, are you a real nun?
She blogs, therefore she is the proverbial Nun of Your Lip. She has taken the holy vows of Commentary, Linkery, and Snarkery.

Who are Sr. Sister, Fr. Father, and Mtr. Mother?
They’re my biological family.

Is the Order of Santa Ignora a real religious order/convent?
Currently the Order consists of one nun, Sr. Mary Hasta, who is not under vowed obedience to any bishop, vestry, parish, denomination, book club, or political party. Her vows are between her, God, and the Blogger Terms of Service.

The Convent currently consists of one room in a house, shared with Brother Landlord, O.V., and Brother Housemate, O.V. (That means Order of Vegans). Sr. Mary Hasta is in no way, shape, or form a vegan; she’s more a Franciscan. She is working on creating a formation program, and you should contact her at the Convent’s email if you wish to enter the novitiate.

What church do you go to?
Sr. Mary Hasta does attend Divine Services on a weekly basis at A Certain Church, and more infrequently at the Shrine of Holy Conservatisim. One is Episcopalian, one is Roman Catholic. You could try to guess which was which, but you’d probably be wrong.

You use funny words.
Eventually I’ll post a dictionary.

I totally linked to your blog on my page and you have never linked back! Why you hatin’?
There are two classes of links. The first are those in posts to other individual posts or websites of interest. To get on one of those, post something interesting on your blog/page. The second type of links are the sidebar. That is a bit more discriminating, as those are blogs Sr. Mary Hasta reads every single day. To get there, you have to be consistently interesting, so much so that the good Sr. goes in and hardcodes you onto her template (which is a pain in the tochis and she doesn’t like doing it all that often). If, for some reason, you are chosen to join this auspicious bunch, and you stop posting anything interesting (or anything at all) for an extended period of time, you will be dropped from the list (but probably not from the good Sr.’s Favorites folder). If you don’t like those rules, you can take your ball and go home.


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